Unit 0 - Independent Learning

 This is an independent learning chapter of the course.
Check the course calendar for dates.

These lessons are being created weekly and will become available once they are created.
Try not to get too far ahead of yourself, this course is still under active development.

0.0 - Introduction to the ISU (and AI)  Due Fri. Sept. 15th end of day

0.1 - What is Artificial Intelligence?  Due Fri. Sept. 22nd end of day

0.2 - Supervised Learning    Due Fri. Sept. 29th end of day

0.3 - Neural Networks and Deep Learning    Due Fri. Oct. 6th end of day

0.4 - Reading Human Handwriting (Lab)  Complete by 

0.5 - Unsupervised Learning  Due 

0.6 - Natural Language Processing (NLP)  Due 

0.7 - Symbolic AI  Due 

0.8 - Robotics  Due 

0.9 - AI Playing Games  Due 

More to come...

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