4.2 - HTML: The Basics

Today's lesson is mostly live demo. If you miss class, click the links below to learn independently (and ask a classmate).

The simplest GUI - HyperText Markup Language

Sir Tim Berners-Lee created a language that describes what we want to see in a document. On the "Web", the GUI is created by writing HTML in a document, similar to writing a book or essay. A consortium of people decide on the standards of the HTML language. HTML (now at version 5) has grown to include buttons, sliders, animations and way more.

Last class we went over preparing VSCode, the very basics of an HTML file, and some of the simpler tags like <title>, <br>, <p>, and <h1>.ย 

๐Ÿค” Does anyone have any questions so far?

We'll use the same VSCode folder (GitHub repo) as last class. Let's dive into:

Curious About HTML?

Extra Resources