Unit 3 - Repetition

Loops in Code

In this unit students will learn programming frameworks (constructs) to repeat code, and solve repetitive problems.

3.1 - While Loops

The ability to repeat code is critical for efficiency but also things like clocks, going through a list, asking for proper input, animations, or game code.

3.2 - Remember Strings?

Now that we know a loop, it's going to be easier to work with Strings!

3.3 - Do While

Similar to the while loop, but runs at least once (the condition is checked at the end).

3.4 - For Loops

While loops that have a counting mechanism are used a lot, so a structure was created.

More FOR

A little more practice with FOR loops, if you would like it.

Show your skillz by completing this task and syncing it back to GitHub.

3.5 - Nested Loops

Similar to a Matryoshka doll, we can place loops inside other loops. Just like putting if-statements inside other if-statements.

3.6 - Arrays

Similar to a String, except the value at each index could be any kind of data!

You will have 4 classes and a weekend to complete this assessment of loops and arrays.
Friendly note - all of the tasks are possible without nested loops.

Did you find that a little too easy? Try this!

As always - lessons and timing are subject to change as we build this course together for the first time!
Check the course calendar if you're not sure what lesson we are on.