ICS3UC - Introduction
(Days 1-3)

Materials and links for the beginning of the course.

Lessons & content will be on this website and in Replit, check the course calendar for dates.

Day 1 - Welcome to ICS3UC! (Click to expand)

First Day of Class:

  • Complete the following:

  1. Plagiarism Policy(sign it here)

  2. Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement

  3. Computer Skills Inventory

  4. Visit the Hapara Workspace for the ISU and complete the first task (white card)

Today's Homework (due tomorrow)

  • Make sure you have your account with TypingClub and complete the four items above.

Day 2 - A Brief History of Computers (Click to expand)

Did you miss yesterday?

> Please don't get ahead of yourself (ie. don't get all clicky - wait for instructions)

"What if I already know how to code or I find this class too slow / boring?"

    • There's always something to do or try. This is your opportunity to be a geek or to learn new skills. As a starter, I highly recommend tutorials on SoloLearn or trying some of my challenges. There will be more opportunities as we go through the course.

    • With a Google account, you can learn and code anything you want and there are endless tutorials online. Just make sure you are learning and not just copying.

Today's Lesson & Classwork

  • Complete a minimum of 5 minutes in TypingClub

  • Course Calendar

  • Any questions from yesterday?

    • Activity & discussion about Wordle and Wordle 2.0

1.0 - History of Computers

Today's Homework

  • Work on your history assignment a bit

  • Have you completed all previously assigned items?

  • (optional) Maybe complete the first ISU lesson Unit 0 - Lesson 0.1

Day 3 - Everyone Settled-In? (Click to expand)

Did you miss yesterday?

Today's Classwork