1.1 - Hello World(s)!

Computers take input, process that input, and give output.

Today's Lesson: 1.1 - Hello World(s)!

Output to the user is crucial in programming:

Computer programs are very boring if there's no output so we'll start with the output. It's actually the easier part of programming.

  • "Hello World" is the first program almost everyone writes.

  • By completing this task, you will discover how easy it is to research and learn the syntax of each language

  • Go over the History of Hello World

  • If you miss this lesson, read the JavaScript Hello World Tutorial

  • Let's ask our computer to print "Hello world!" to the screen.

    • It's important to note that any time an example is given in quotes - you do not include those in the actual output. So your actual output should be Hello World! without the quotation marks.

Today's Task(s) / Homework

  • Join our Replit team - you should have an email from your teacher.

    • What is a REPL?

    • We will use Replit to do all our coding in this course.

  • Using research on the Internet, recreate the Hello World programs listed in our Replit team