Unit 1 - Programming Basics

Lessons and timing are subject to change. Check the course calendar.

In this unit students will be taught the basic fundamentals of writing good software. We will begin with JavaScript, the programming language of the web. From there, we will add a "front end" by learning how to control HTML.

A - Setup a GitHub Account  // For storing and sharing our code

B - Preparing Our Computer  // Software & Setup needed to code efficiently

1.1 - Output & the Console  // Controlling output to the screen

1.2 - Variables // Creating variables

1.3 - Mathematics // doing math and practicing output

1.4 - User Input // getting text or numbers from the user

1.5 - Conditionals (Part 1) // making decisions in code! 

1.5 - Conditionals (Part 2) // making more complex decisions

Review - 1.1-1.5 // What have we learned so far?

1.6 - Logical Operators // Using AND and OR in code

1.7 - Using GitHub Classroom // Learn to use GitHub Classroom to submit code

Unit 1 Assessment - Quiz // A multiple-choice quiz on your knowledge

Unit 1 Assessment - Code // A quick coding task to see if you understand

Was that all too easy for you?

Here are some free courses that are pretty intense but extremely useful for independent learning. If you need assistance setting up your computer to do these, just ask.