1.3 - Numbers & Text

1.3 -Numbers & Text Functions

This task will likely take a couple days. Don't forget to complete any ISU items.


At this point we can:

  • Login to Replit, find our Team, and open available projects.

  • Print something to the developer console using console.log( )

  • Create variables with the let statement

    • let age;

  • Assign variables a value with =

    • age = 42;

  • Complete some basic math with +, -, *, /, **


  • 𝜋 is not just 3.14.

  • What if the answer to some math problem has to be rounded to two decimals (like money)?

  • How can we turn a string into all UPPERCASE or lowercase letters?

  • What if we want to know the length of a string?

Programming languages always come packed with lots of helpful features (functions or methods) and JavaScript is no exception.

References: Number Functions | String Functions

Table of Contents

Head on over to Replit and start the project for this lesson. There are three parts. Refer to each of the documents inside the "Lesson" folder in the REPL. Make sure to click "Open preview" at the top of the document. (Mr. Brash will demonstrate)

Part 1 - Number Methods

Part 2 - The Math Object

Part 3 - String Methods

Each document lists your tasks at the bottom.