3.2 - HTML: The Basics

HTML: Front-End Dev

In case you missed yesterday's lesson, take a look at all this:

What exactly is WWW and why do sites start with www.?
What's the difference between
the Internet and the Web?

Here is a selection of videos that explain the difference - pick whichever one you want, or watch multiple to solidify your understanding:

The simplest GUI - HyperText Markup Language

Making a GUI in C++ or Java can be very time-consuming and requires a ton of code. Lucky for us, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created a language that describes what we want to see in a document. On the "Web", the GUI is created with HTML in a document, much like writing a book or essay. Since his initial invention, HTML (now at version 5) has grown to include buttons, sliders, animations and way more.

So let's get started! Today's lesson is mostly live demo, but if you're absent, check out these resources:

Extra Resources