Unit 0 - Independent Learning

 This is an independent learning chapter of the course.
Check the course calendar for dates.

Last ones!

0.17 - Integrated Circuits & Moore’s Law      Due Fri. Jan. 19th

0.18 - Operating Systems      Due Fri. Jan 19th  

0.19 - Memory & Storage      Due Fri. Jan 19th 

0.20 - File & File Systems      Due Fri. Jan 19th 

0.1 - Early Computing  Due Fri. Sept. 8th end of day

0.2 - Electronic Computing  Due Fri. Sept. 15th end of day

0.3 - Boolean logic & logic gates  (logic gate poster)  Due Fri. Sept. 22nd end of day

0.4 - Binary    Due Fri. Sept. 29th end of day

0.5 - How Computers Calculate - the ALU      Due Fri. Oct. 6th end of day

0.6 - Registers and RAM      Due Fri. Oct. 13th end of day

0.7 - The Central Processing Unit (CPU)        Due Fri. Oct. 20th end of day

0.8 - Instructions and Programs       Due Fri. Oct. 27th end of day

0.9 - Advanced CPU Designs       Due Fri. Nov. 3rd end of day

0.10 - Early Programming       Due Fri. Nov. 10th end of day

0.11 - Programming Languages       Due Fri. Nov. 17th end of day

0.12 - Statements & Functions      Due Fri. Nov. 24th end of day

0.13 - Algorithms      Due Fri. Dec. 1st end of day

0.14 - Data Structures      Due Fri. Dec. 8th end of day

0.15 - Alan Turing      Due Fri. Dec. 15th end of day

0.16 - Software Engineering      Due Fri. Dec. 22nd end of day